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3 H Girls Manual

This piece of material is a handbook for 3 H leaders. 3 H stands for Head, Heart and Hands for Jesus. Apart from this manual for leaders, there are lessons in the form of handouts that are used to teach the girls in their local churches. The spiritual, economical, social, Physical etc life of the girl child is the concern of the CBC Women’s Union.
    Some of the lessons taught are;
1.    Rules of good fashion
2.    Code of conduct
3.    Appearance lesson
4.    Etiquette
5.    Bible introduction
6.    Ten commandments
7.    Hygiene
8.    Citizenship
9.    Marriage
10.    Christian family
11.    sewing
12.    Kitchen craft
13.    Embroidery
14.    Loyalty etc.

At the end of each lesson the girls are tested and the successful ones are awarded badges. Those girls who have faithfully gone through 3 H girls groups have made good house wives or home makers.