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Pastor’s Wives Lessons

The Pastor’s wife has a unique ministry with many challenges. She therefore needs both spiritual, economic empowerment and also mutual encouragement.
In the CBC, the Pastors’ wives meet regularly at Field and once a year at National level to study God’s Word, carry out economic activities for self reliance and also mutual encouragement. They have yearly production of manual lessons to assist in their spiritual growth. These lessons are prepared on well chosen themes and topics from identified needs of the Pastor’s wife. The Manual lessons for 2010 is on the theme “The Pastor’s Wife as a Prayer Partner”. From these 2010 lessons, the Pastor’s wife is challenged to be on her knees in her closet for her husband.
This year’s topics include:
1)    Praying in faith ( I Kings 18:22-46, James 5:16)
2)    Praying in righteousness (Prov. 28:9-28)
3)    Praying in humility ( I Sam 1:27, Prov. 3:34)
4)    How to meet the physical needs of the Pastor.

The Pastor’s wives National Fellowship is headed by a President (Mrs. Minkia Rose)
She works hand in hand with an Executive.