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Text: Ps 139:1-16

Objectives: To lead learners to;
-    Become confident in themselves as God’s children
-    Grow spiritually
-    Discover their spiritual gifts and use them.

Memory verse: Ps 139:1
    Oh Lord you have searched me and you know me.

Introduction (Part 1)
Enanga: Mankah, how did you enjoy the service of today?
Mankah: Wonderful! I always enjoy Nkongho when she is leading in praise and worship.
Enanga: That is true. I am jealoused of her talent of singing, you know.
Mankah: How did she discover her talent that she is excelling in it like that?
Enanga: By trial and error.
Mankah: How?
Enanga: Nkongho told me how she used to sing during working hours at home, devotions, fellowships, in special numbers and finally, as the deacons/elders observed and understood her gift, they made her the church song leader.
Mankah: Enanga let us pray and start serving God so that, the Holy Spirit will use the area of our lives He sees us excelling in.

Part II
    The Christian woman of today does not achieve much because she lacks self-confidence (belief in oneself) which is available to her from God. (Ps. 139:9-10)
Sometimes she feels inadequate (not confident enough) incapable (unable) in serving God. She fears to use her abilities/talents to stand out and become the godly woman God expects of her. You know that Satan is happy keeping a Christian woman with ineffective talents so that she will not be an example to others or “shine the light” to others.
    We are going to look at some principles that can help us to be more confident in ourselves. Examine your confidence level during our discussion and let God show you where you can excel and grow in your spiritual life.


    The Christian woman can be confident in herself if:
A.    She Relates Personally with Christ.
The confident Christian woman is one who believes that she is complete in her abilities in Christ Jesus.
This confidence can only begin when she receives Christ as her Lord and Savior and goes on a journey of relationship with Jesus who gives that self –value. She realizes that as a Christian her life cannot be problem – free but she can be victorious in her daily walk. A regular quiet-time using God’s word and meaningful prayer life will empower you. (Sisters share how you handle your personal quiet time. Also share how you became a Christian)

B.    She Retains a Proper Attitude toward Spiritual Growth
Eph 4:23 tells us that our attitudes and thoughts must all be constantly changing for the better.
The confident Christian woman has to be careful so that her behavior and thoughts will be renewed for God’s glory. Can you think of a Christian whose attitude has changed for worse and another – a Christian whose attitude has changed for good? Normally it is very encouraging to meet and relate with a person whose behavior and of course thoughts are changing with experience and years. Such a Christian woman does not consider her physical age, beauty and strength but grows more Christ-like on the inside – spiritually.
Robertson Mc Quilkin – President of a Columbia Bible college had this to say, “We gradually lose the strength and beauty so we will be sure to concentrate on the strength and beauty which is forever. And so we will be eager to leave the temporary (not permanent) deteriorating part of us and be truly homesick for our eternal home”. If we stayed young and strong and beautiful, we might never want to leave this world.

C.     She recognizes Christ’s gift to her.
    Jn 1:1-5
    According to these verses, Jesus has also given women life, spiritual light and hope, for He is Life, Light and is our Hope for the future. When we accept and understand these gifts, our confidence will be built.
D.     She realizes that she is God’s handiwork and He values her.
Genesis chapter 1 and 2 explains that we are valuable treasures of God, created in His image and we are His handiwork.
Although we are not perfect, but as Christian women we are covered with the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
Genetics (Scientists dealing with heredity) have studied that, there wasn’t and will never be another person like you or me in the world. Being that we are human beings and not objects, we cannot be duplicated. We are also different from animals. Each one of us is a unique handiwork of God.
As God’s handiwork the Christian woman is always “under construction” Ehp. 2:10a says “For we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus. This means it is an on-going or regular process.

A.    She confirms and uses her spiritual gift.
For you to be a well – balanced confident Christian woman, you must discern
(discover) your spiritual gifts and use.
How can this be done?
-    Find out areas in which you desire to serve God.
-    Listen to other people give a good understanding and judgment of how they see your gifts.
-    Learn by trial and error.
As we serve and have different experiences, we discover our gift areas as we enjoy and have personal satisfaction while serving God.
1 Peter 4:10 explains, “Each one should use whatever gifts he/she has received to serve others faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.

F.    She should respond in cooperation with God’s plan for her.
The secret of success in all the principles to become a confident Christian woman is found in II Peter 1:5-7. To obtain the gifts, you need more than faith by:
-    Working hard to be good.
-    Learning to know God better and discover what he wants you to do.
-    Putting aside your own desires in order to become patient and godly.
-    Gladly letting God have His way in you.
-    Enjoying and liking other people and you will grow to love them deeply.
Rom 12:1-3 advises us on how to cooperate with God’s plan;
-    Give your bodies as living sacrifices – the kind that God can accept.
-    Don’t copy worldly behavior and customs.
-    Be a new and different person in Christ Jesus, in all you think and do.
Then you will learn from your own experiences how His ways will satisfy you.

    It is time for us Christian women to “grow up” in confidence by the power of the Holy Spirit. Let us pray that we will be the confident Christian women that God is working on us to be.

1.    Did God make any mistake when He created you? Why?
2.    How should a Christian respond to her shortcomings? (faults in her character).
3.    Can you think of something in your life you thought was a mistake God made when He created you but it proved to be a blessing?
4.    State any four principles that can help us to be confident Christian women?